When you plan your trip, you think about all the fantastic places you will visit, all the people you will meet, the equipment you need to buy and perhaps how much money to exchange… you don’t give much thought to infectious diseases…. or maybe you do ?!?

Between us, Andy and I will have spent somewhere in the region of £400 on jabs… but I suppose it is better than the alternative… its just being spiked every week between now and setting off.. isn’t something to look forward to!

To distract me however, there are fantastic things on the horizon.. not least the construction of the stage for our 4th Annual Pleasantfest … which is also a joint bon voyage and my 30th party.

The Stage


Not Long Now!

Departure Date from the UK is 15th September 2010…. only 10 weeks to go! So where are we off to then?

  • India – 15th Sept  – 15th Dec
  • Bangkok (briefly) 16th-19th Dec
  • Vietnam – Dec
  • Cambodia – Jan
  • Laos – Feb
  • Thailand – Feb/Mar
  • Peninsula Malaysia – Mar
  • Australia (Sydney Only) – 20th Mar
  • New Zealand – 26th March
  • South America – 17th April

Leaving on a Jet Plane