Ouch – again!

So only 2 weeks away from the big departure and my main priority was breaking in my new walking shoes. Andy’s are the same make and model but obviously for men… and they fit like a glove! So why oh why…. did mine, do this (see below) to my heels?

So now I am left with dillema…. I have to wait until my feet are recovered before I try the shoes again, by which time we will be in India! ┬áNext stop is Boots (the chemist kind) to get some special blister plasters!

I mean, the boots do look the part (see below), but the smile on my face on our travelling pictures is going to be more of a grimace if they continue to break my feet!


Note to Self….

and to all others processing a visa for inda….

Make sure your signature on the visa form matches the one on your passport…. or at least that all persons applying are present when submitting your forms….

Trip back to Manchester on Monday to submit the forms AGAIN!

In better news though… visa’s pending… we will be in India in exactly 6 weeks!