Andy’s poetry corner………..

India is like………… by Andy Shaw

Crapping in the street, kids throw shit on your feet.
No curries with meat, Pizza hut’s a real treat.
“How much you want to pay?”, “I don’t want it!” I say.
“Where do you stay?”, “not sure but we’ll find a way”.
Temperature is very hot, 50 rupees is all we got.
Andy’s nose is full of snot, cows in the road eat peoples rot.
Dirt in the air is all around, all you can hear is a beeping sound.
Reach in your pocket for an English pound, beggars don’t leave you alone until the sun goes down.

Traffic caos on the road, old cycle rickshaw nice and slow.
Lots to see and lots to do, dodgy Dehli belly makes me poo.
Catch a train to leave behind, in search of new treasures we go and find.
3 months in India could be a long time, at the end our hair long and clothes full of grime.
Leaving U.P. to go up north, in the dark we’ll need a torch.
Think a dream, catch a dream now it’s caught.

The mountain roads are high and narrow, now is the time I wish I was a sparrow.
People sell vegetables including marrows, can have your cards read by a tarrot.
Go out to collect fire wood, meeting animals from goats to dogs.
In winter they need to keep hot, drink lots of chia from a pot.
How hard is it to get a sim for a phone, even harder to eat chicken curry without bones.
Hear stories from travellers about their woes, including adult nappies and cow crap squelshing through their toes.



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  1. tonton
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 22:04:53

    Pleasantfest has been replaced by Sensifest,where all the senses are largely stimulated by India’s “magic”;sight,sound,smell,taste,touch…a whole pallet of new,enriching(if not always desirable)sensations. One month into your giant trek & already more “thrills” than most travellers experience in a whole lifetime. Spiritually too,you are,no doubt,affected by all the new religions,ideas and encounters.Andy will soon be putting his pomes to music,p’raps;how about “Ode to an Indian turd”?(no offence meant)Beware of the cow/bullshit, the slippery shnakes & the runaway buses! Rajasthan now,with more towering temples,opulent palaces & abysmal poverty;a land of amazing contrasts,nespa? Tonton. buses


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