Camels, cobra’s and a lot of sand.

Smile Mr Camel!

We were sat in our nice and clean air-conditioned car driving through Rajasthan when I suddenly realised………..we were on our way to Khuir to do our Camel safari………….how excited I was.  I’d not been on a camel before or even seen one up close. This was going to be a great experience. We arrived at camp in the dessert around 4.00pm in the evening. The camels were there waiting………

As you can see from the picture that they are a smiley bunch. They kind of remind me of a drag queen……the one you might see at Blackpool. Unfortunately they don’t tell crap one-liners but do happen to have bad breath.

Rachel had been on a camel before as a kid but me on the other hand had not. My only experience of sand was making castles and burrying my dad at Bridlington in the 80’s, and as for camels…………probably the cigarette type……

I’d seen enough ‘You’ve been Framed’ clips to know that mounting a camel can be a dangerous exercise……..especially if you’re over weight and haven’t a clue which way to look and holding a suitcase……in the blink of a eye the camel rose from the sand like a rocket from its launch pad. I only had a second to spare to sit back otherwise I would have fell victim to the late Jeremy Beadle and possibly 250 pounds better off.

As it stood, it’s legs snapped back into position like giant stickle bricks.  I was lifted into the sky……. I felt like the Raj of Rajasthan.

We set off into the dessert where we would get to see the sun set. For about an hour, Rachel and I were bounced around on the back of the camel with only a light rug to separate the two of us (Me and the camel, Rach had her own camel).

For about 1 hour we were shown several different camel speeds. Several seemed to resemble the sensation of a  cricket bat covered in sandpaper  hitting you between the legs. Others felt more like a washing machine without the water. Forget the Raj of Rajasthan, I felt more like Freddie Murcury after a dodgy curry. The seat was not kind.

After that memorable hour we arrived at the dunes……. It was worth it……….. The sun setting was beautiful.

As we took a spot on the dune, we were even greeted by a couple of young boys playing some pieces of wood and a drum. It sounded like one of them had been strangled as he tried to sing but we paid them as we needed some peace and quiet to enjoy the scenery.

We returned back to camp to enjoy the evening entertainment. This was to be included in the price. It was a band…….. and a lady……..dancing round a fire……….the band pieces of wood…………and a drum………..sounds familiar……….the boys had materialised into men. It was fun anyway, after the beer started to flow. Rach got up and did a spot of belly dancing too. Then the group of about 15 were also asked to get up…………… The food we ate was a chicken curry dish and it was tasty.

Later, after the evenings entertainment had finished, we were asked if we would like to sleep in the rather crappy huts in the camp or the dessert. Rach and I decide to stay in the dessert. It was a really lovely experience. We even had beds to sleep on. A little fire with some wood we found. The sky was amazing. We could see the stars as clearly as a telescope. The only problem was that our taxi driver Rakesh and his colleague Chander also came and slept out in the dessert. After 10 days on the tour they started look a little like a bad smell……..that wouldn’t piss off! Lets just say that I didn’t click with Rakesh…….

We also had a couple of visitors in the night. A few dune beetles……..and possibly a cobra!!!! Not sure what the tracks look like but I’d like to think it was to make the story more dramatic. Yes it was a cobra!!!!

Remarkably, I was surprised at how warm the dessert was in the evening. I always thought that it got really cold. It was possibly one of the best nights sleep I’d had since traveling.

This experience would go down as one of my best so far for sure.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tonton
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:40:29

    Couldn’t find Khuir,but had a look round Jaisalmer.Great fort & desert tours on grumpy camels ;made me very don’t 4get the compass & sunblock.


  2. tonton
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:54:36

    pps +buckets & spades for the sand-castles. Anyone for a coool beer or an ice-cream?


  3. big sis
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 12:54:04

    Hey love the cheesy camel smile!!!!!! very cool


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