Hampi is a lot like scampi, bang bang Divali……

Hey, just arrived in Hampi from our 12 hour bus ride…….to the welcome gesture of

‘Do you want tuc-tuc, blah blah blah……..’.

The difference between all our other encounters and this was that the drivers were actually climbing on the bus like monkeys. Feeding time at the zoo. It pissed us off, and the rest of the bus passengers.

Luckily our hardened skin repelled their attack. As Hampi is about the same size of a football field common sense suggested we’d walk. While trying to escape the grasp of the tuc-tuc drivers another one tried to cut across in front of us to stop us walking. This was not a good tactic so I told him so in a Bradford style taxi rant……..plus it was raining and the ground was soaking. Cow babba was also in the equation.

Lovely Hampi

Apart from that little incident Hampi has proved to be a great little place….Not too big….. Great food….. Awesome temples to see from the roof top restaurants…….. and loads of unusual rocks struen around the place. The sun set is awesome too. More pics to come, but after our SD card problem we’ll wait until they get backed up before leaving it in the hands of Indian Mr Bean.

It is also Divali while we’re here, so they’re loads of Indian kids with bangers and fireworks (Bad combination), loads of flowers, gambling and celebrations for 3 days…..

Probably staying around for 5 days so we can build up our strength after Goa….that was stressful……sitting drinking on a beach…..

Back to the hard travellers life again…….Bangalore next stop.


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  1. tonton
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 15:26:39

    Sunday,bloody Sunday & a blustery autumn day here.Meanwhile you dudes are basking in the balmy heat of southern India.Plenty of sand,sandstone temples & palmtrees on google earth photos.Hampi & the Divali festival must be great fun;a large-scale,oriental “pleasantfest” with lots more kids,cheeky monkeys & noisy fireworks.Hope you’ll send us some colourful photos of the event a & some amusing anecdotes in your usual laid-back style.
    Bangalore next,but I haven’t done my homework yet so know very little about the place,although my first impression is that it seems quite a large city,which means traffic,noise,crowds & pestering touts.Back to basics,nespa


  2. tonton
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 15:38:51

    hope you “approve” my last comment ? tell me all about your “independant website” & how to use it,pliz


  3. tonton
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 18:26:42

    Have moved back to “location”;keep losing my way elsewhere?Tarrah


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