The Bamboo Bike from Bangalore

I first heard about the ‘Bambike’ from friends whilst chatting on a roof-top cafe in Hampi. “When in Bangalore, check out thisguy who makes bikes from Bamboo”. As soon as I heard, my ears pricked up… as a keen cyclist, I instantly had images of this creation, running through my mind. Vijay, the creator, was a fellowcouch surfer so we got in touch and once in Bangalore, we were on a quest!

We caught a local bus and arranged to meet him at a random shopping centre… 5 minutes from his workshop. He said he would “pick us up”. We heard the noise of a motorbike approaching and it was Vijay on his Royal Enfield complete with sidecar! How cool i thought… it was just like the one out of the Garden state film!

After shaking hands and introductions, we headedoff to his workshop to see the Bambike. I was amazed that a guy would take time out of his day to pick up 2 complete strangers and show  them around his business premises… but that is what couch surfing is all about… gaining from experiences meeting new people. WhWhen we arrived, vijay made a bit more sense…he runs a furniture business very successfully with many staff and some big customers… apparently without marketing (which had Rach quaking in her unemployed boots!).

Vijay and Andy with the Bambike

I loved his idea and could see potential for this in the inner cities… with the general obsession with green issues partcularly…. the bike looks cool, is green and could easily be manufacturedand sold through distributors across the world! He has interest from various people, including Italy and America… so good luck Vijay! His website is

no it will not fit in your backpack!

Keep an eye out for these in the UK!


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  1. tonton
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 17:16:44

    Sent you a reply at Location,but the name of the independant website has been deleted in the message.Unable to access your latest photo album,but will keep trying.Are you still receiving on bannisto?A couple of days ago my former email address released quite a few messages which had been blocked for months;I gave the laptop a good shaking & a few spiders fell out of the web.Whence the “welding”blog for Andy.Keep brightening up our dreary suburban routine with your flashes of wit & humour.Tonton.


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