Ayurvedic and beyond……

Well, where do I start???

We arrived in Kovalam, in Kerala and thought to ourselves…… we’ve been very busy these last few weeks, why not have a treatment/massege and relax while we here. Ayurvedic treatments originated from these parts of Kerala so will no doubt be good value for money…….

Nieve as we are, we both booked in for a 1 hour session under the description of hand massage at a lovely little place that was highly recommended to us. I had an idea that some oil was going to be used and that you may need to ‘strip off’ to receive the treatment but i wasn’t ready for what happened next…..

“Next, you sir, come with me”! I followed the guy into my private room. I looked at the various equipment comprising of a well oiled bench and a rope hanging from the ceiling…. I just want a back massage I said. “Ok, strip”. I was kind of expecting a little decency, maybe a towel or something.

“Sit here”, what on that chair?

He started with a head massage which was ace, at this point I had 2 hands to cover my equipment….

“Ok on bench”

It was so slippery I nearly fell straight off. He started on my back and arms…. this is ok I thought……hey, where’s his hand going????, almost inside somewhere it shouldn’t be. Top to bottom, top to bottom, Both sides, left then right side. I felt great apart from the weirdness of a man putting his hands between my arse cheeks.

“Ok, turn over

This was going to feel very weird. My inhibitions had to be swolled up like a shark eating surfers or I was going to freak. My chest, my shoulders, my legs, MY GROIN!!!  I just had to try and imagine it was someone else……oh no, don’t do that. I’m sure that a hand gliding past in close proximity was part of the treatment????

After the session, I definately felt great. I would certainly recommend this as a treatment. Be prepared for a little oil, a little nakedness and a leap of faith….


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tonton
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 15:46:04

    Merde!The snake got away again;it’s big brother’s fault!Anyone for tea?


  2. tonton
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 21:34:13

    Pertinent question;how to remain “zen” when the computer has a mind of its own?I give up.C yez.


  3. Tony
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 17:44:17

    well…we will be in Trivandrum and Kollam on the 4th Dec. I think I will give a massage a miss!

    Enjoy your advenure!


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