Andy Shaw drives a Rick Shaw

“Hey, how hard can it be”?

It’s nothing more that just a ‘supdt-up’ mobility scooter. Throttle on the right, clutch on the left, gear change with a flick of the wrist……..don’t need to worry about the brakes……lets go.

'Where do you want to go? I give you good price'

It felt great, riding along in a large egg with three wheels and a truck horn……BBBBBBBeeeeeeeeeepppppppp!!!!!!!!

The owner was a young lad no more than 20 years. I think he had faith in me. We’d just been to the elephant park out in the sticks so traffic was low. These things can slide through the eye of a needle. The bad boy had a sound system as well as fancy bling.

If I have had more experience of these crazy three wheelers I would definitely consider buying one to do some traveling around India. I decided to give the controls back to Naz after 10 minutes as the traffic started to fill up…….

The only problem with buying one is that after a 3 hour journey, (on the way back from the elephant park) my bum was not happy and nor was my hearing from all the tuc tuc tuc tuc tuc noise………

Great fun though, even your granny could drive one, and they’re cheap


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