Have you ever wondered what a Tiger looks like close up?…….oooo they look lovely! and they feel just like a kitten!

Big Kitty

A very surreal experience was had today at the Tiger Temple, just outside Bangkok. Built as a meditation centre in 1994; the temple now welcomes tourists to cuddle, bathe, feed and dote on the biggest collection of softies going! There are some rumors that the cats are drugged to keep them calm… so we were a bit apprehensive… but couldn’t resist the pull of the tiger balm… since we missed out on the big cats in India.

As we are only in Bangkok for 2 days, we needed to get there in a hurry, which meant taking a tour… sadly, we had to enter ‘the tourist dimension’ before getting to the Tigers. Visiting the ancient floating markets of Bangkok… was about as far away from traditional Thai culture as possible… unless Thai people are interested in fans that also double up as hats… and lamps made from shit coconuts… check out the gridlock on the photo!

Total Gridlock Mon

We then headed to the Bridge on the River Kwai… at this point in the day having spent more time in the van driving or waiting than actually doing anything. Again we hit tourist-okyo… but this time, there was an amazing museum to see also… which was worse than the one in India with nailed in artefacts… it was impossible to see through the glass cases for dust and the wwII photos had been bleached almost into oblivion by the sun! Not the best tourism experience. We did see a massive lizard though!

So by the time we arrived at the Tiger Temple, our expectations were low…the trip was very quickly recovered when we saw how close we could get to the tigers… and when we found out that we were not going to be stung for extra money to have photos taken! Unless we wanted to “hold the head of the big tiger”… something neither of us was too keen on!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne, Matt and Florence
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 20:18:25

    Hello Rachel and Andy,
    It Christmas time and yet again I have no one to compare mince pies with! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.
    We are thinking of you and sending lots of love
    Jayne, Matt & Florence


  2. tonton
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 23:37:36

    Wot’s new pussy-cats?Another long message just slipped thru my clumsy
    fingers again;all about the “Thaï Temple for tired tigers.” Knowing how much you cool cats love all breeds of felines,it’s just as well that message has
    gone forever into cyber-space.I was a little pissed off to see such magnificent
    animals chained up,probably drugged & reduced to the role of life-size cuddly
    toys for the pleasure of droves of snap-happy tourists.So pliz don’t take it personal,yuze guys!
    You both looked somewhat relieved on arriving in Singapore,even if the
    Indian part of the trip will remain with you for ever.But look now towards
    those new horizons, cos the best is yet to come.Tonton.


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