An ode to Vietnam (so far)

This is a little poem I wrote on our 17 hour bus ride whilst traveling to Hue from Hanoi…..


Wham bahm thank you mam for sending us to Vietnam.
Rice paddy fields generate the economies yield of tasty grub.
Thailand is where you’ll find deep fried bugs.
Street food is tasty and cheap,
servings of duck, noodles, dog, tongue, pig,…but regrettably no sheep.
Scooters pack the street and almost every parking space is took.
Be very careful when crossing the road and don’t forget to look.
Especially walk slow, making sure that poppa Rex is in tow.
It’s safer to walk in the road as all the pavements are covered and overgrown,
with scooters, bikes, cycles, and the people of old.
They’re usually smoking on a pipe of bamboo too.
On every corner there is a young boy who’ll shine your shoes.

Vietnam is much cleaner than India by far with loads more scooters than cars,
they clog the roads to an almost halt, shops selling whiskey with a vintage malt.
Everyone goes about their daily lives not getting upset or making each other cry.
All the girls are beautiful and small who ride their bikes but barely can touch the floor.
The city air is dirty and moggy, the sky is foggy, the humidity makes Rex’s shirts all soggy.
Karaoke here is a big thing, unfortunately they can not sign.
Ordering a starter is a difficult task,
arriving after the main even if you ask.
The beer is cheap at 15 pence a glass,
Be warned……you could end up on your arse.

by Andy Shaw 2010


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