Canyoning in Dalat…..Amen

What does canyoning mean to you?

Maybe some rocks?, maybe some water?, maybe some rope?

A little practice makes perfect


Well, we paid $28 U.S.D. to find out. An early pick up from the hotel at 8.45am and off to the waterfalls we went. In our group there were seven of us and three guides. We soon got to know each other quickly on our short drive as it was a cosy ride in the back of the van.

I hadn’t done anything like this before but Rach had some experience of abseiling. I was totally naive as to what craziness we were letting ourselves into. I felt confident that by booking the tour through a proper organised tour operator rather than ‘Joe Bloggs on the street’ then we might have some come back if anything happened.


A short trek from the car park and we arrived at the waterfall site. A brief introduction to the carabiner, safety harness and helmet and off we went down the cliff face. I decided that I’d like to go first for some strange reason…….

It felt weird at first but I soon got the hang (get it  hang!?!) of letting the rope slip through my hand whilst leaning into an almost horizontal position……it felt great….just like James Bond…..or maybe Frank Spencer???

Andy on descent 2

The painful and fast rock water slide.. ouch

The tour consisted of several increased descents with the hardest being a waterfall of 30 meters and a free fall of 4 meters. This was clearly the most challenging due to the lack of grip and the surging water in our faces. There was also some cliff jumping ranging from 15 – 25 meters and also some rapid water sliding…..Lunch was also included in the price.

Andy on the monster 30 metre descent

Can you spot Andy about to launch off?

It was an exhilarating experience but not for the faint hearted. Some tricky treking too was involved as we moved down stream from location to location. Expect to end up with a few scrapes and bangs though.

We got back for around 3.30pm so it was a great value from money trip too. Make sure you don’t forget your camera.

Everyone in the group enjoyed it so much that we’re all meeting up later for some beers to help nurse the bruises….even the tour guides too from Groovy Gecko Tours.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tonton
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 21:35:00

    What a spectacular,exhilarating,frightening & unforgettable experience;even the photos give me the colly-wobbles!Any videos of the abseiling,slides,jumps,
    kamakazi dives?You dare-devils should join the circus. “Step right up folks.It’s
    the greatest show on earth!”After their show-stopping performance at the world-renowned Pleasantfest. Hurry,hurry,hurry….


    • bannisto
      Jan 10, 2011 @ 02:56:13

      Hi Peter, thanks for your cicus reply. We definately won’t forget the experience. Yes, there will be some videos to come as soon as we find a computer capable of handling the upload of this crazy danger infested past time. Our bruises have just about gone by the way…..Andy and Rach


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