Mui Ne Beach Life

After the fantastic experience in the mountains of Dalat, it was time to head beachside for some surfing action. We arrived in the strange resort town of Mui Ne which seems to be a little ‘Russia-by-the-sea’. The place is totally geared up for tourists and in particular kite surfers!

Kite Surfing Beach

Now don’t get me wrong… Kite Surfing certainly looks cool as hell…. but its not exactly accessible for the average backpacker… at a cost of $300 for a day lesson! So there isn’t much on offer for us really here – since surfing is not seasonal in January and swimming is a pretty hazardous pastime with all the razor sharp boards flipping in the air!

The other problem is that every hotel is full – so it took quite a while to find a place to bed down… we did manage in the end though but it certainly isn’t cheap here.

Easy Rider

The main drawcard other than the watersports in Mui Ne are the towering sanddunes which surround the area. Tours head out every day via jeep – but as with many tours… they are overpriced and underwhelming… so hiring a motorbike was the best option for us and our first chance to experience 2 wheel self driving in South East Asia. Blasting out on the highway towards the White Sanddunes, we wondered if we were going the wrong way as there was just so little traffic. We passed some gorgeous windswept beaches, devoid of resorts and tourists and dotted with locals laying their fishing nets from coracle boats. But the development onshore is creeping ever further north so these beaches may not remain this way for long.

Ready for some sandsurfing

Once at the white sanddunes, we paid about one pound each to grab some plastic sheeting and careered down the dunes at semi-high speed. Andy did a bit of a stunt and ended up in the stagnant lake… pure comedy and a video will hopefully be on Youtube soon. It was a good job we were there in the morning as at 10.30am the dunes were starting to get a little hot underfoot! The Red sand dunes offered a very similar experience, but with more tourist-orientated locals… who offered to look after our bike if you purchased a coca cola… they also tried to tempt us to eat in their restaurant by dangling a packet of instant noodles in front of us… shockingly we were not tempted! We saved our hunger for the evening when we had fresh tuna from the BBQ at a local restaurant… who had not quite grasped the concept of a BBQ cooking the fish and keeping it moist… our tuna was cooked within an inch of its life – but the cocktails were BOGOF so we weren’t too interested in complaining.

Local Wildlife at Mui Ne... not getting on that well

So we are leaving here a day earlier than planned to explore the delights of Ho Chi Minh City… I am sure this will be a BIG contrast to the Vietnam we have seen so far… we hear that crossing the street is a near impossibility and that it is scam central!








4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bach kim
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 02:55:17

    Hi, we met on the bus to Saigon. I’ve seen your blog, it’s amazing… many useful information. I may use this as a guide for my travel plan 😀


  2. tonton
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 23:07:25

    For dinner this evening,I had calamaris & flied lice which made me think of you both,eating something similar at a street vendor’s stall in the streets of that sprawling metropolis,Ho Chi Minh City. Can’t imagine your wanting to stay there for too long though.When it was called Saigon,HCMC always evoked for me visions of smoke-filled,sleazy bars & opium dens;reminiscent of films like”Apocalypse Now” or “The deer-hunter”. A spooky atmosphere that gives a feeling of insecurity. Of course,I might be wrong (as usual!),but I feel you’ve both become allergic to big cities & will soon be heading south to the sleepy backwaters of the Mekong Delta. Gone fishin’?Tonton


    • bannisto
      Jan 10, 2011 @ 02:59:18

      Thanks again for the reply Peter, we did enjoy the sea food at he beach but so far Vietnamese food hasn’t set our taste buds on fire…..I’m sure that Thai-red-curry will help to ignite the flavours that seem to be missing. Noodles aren’t my favourite meal, sorry vietnam.


  3. Big sis
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 14:34:46

    you nutter…… love the skidding … hope you chsnged youre pants after!!!!!!!


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