Saigon in 60 seconds……

At first let me just say that expectations and reality are sometimes missleading and not always true. We had very little expectations of Saigon as we arrived at 9.00pm in the evening….. there was loads of traffic, traffic jams, fumes, and bright lights. Not to mention the heat….. Hear we go again….scam men on every corner….cheap drinks and massage girls offering cheap sessions…..but wait

Once we’d got our bearings and took a breath we were pleasantly surprised to see how nice and clean the city was. We arrived in the backpacker area so there were loads of bars, but not so busy. The locals and tourists were blended into the background and the smiley faces of the Vietnamese helped us to see the pathway. Yes the traffic is crazy, but following the simply rule of don’t run just walk, we seemed to be able to cross the busiest streets without problems. The street food in the market was very cheap and also the beer too, obviously the big bars charge more and aren’t that good.

We did manage to find our way to a music bar slightly out from the tourist trap called Acoustic Bar which was a great experience. It was a live karaoke bar with a resident band that were excellent musicians. The problem was that all the singers (who were of a high singing standard) loved to sing power ballad after power ballad….three rather strong cocktails later we found ourselves the last people at the bar and the band had left…..oops….the security were hanging around for us to leave…. You wouldn’t see that in England….

Rachel's new Saigon nose piercing

Saigon is definately worth a few days as there is so much to see. The parks are packed full with people playing badminton and a game that involves a shuttle-cock type football. You do need to keep you bag close to you as there is always the chance that  someone might like it.


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  1. tonton
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 22:32:23

    Preconceptions are,more often than not,misconceptions.You will not see/hear/
    read me anticipating,from now on,as to how you might both react to a given location. Glad you enjoyed your “60 seconds in Saigon”,but hoped for more.The big cities don’t get much press from u tho;why not more detail about Delhi, Mumbai,Singapore, Bangkok…etc?Pliz. Have lost Rex’s trail;are you in touch?ps caught any whoppas in the Mekong yet?


    • bannisto
      Jan 11, 2011 @ 11:15:47

      Hey Tonton… you are such a demanding blog following… hahaha… we can’t write everything about everywhere… and the cities are not a patch on Europe – but we do enjoy them… I will have to write some independent blogs when I am home and unemployed!

      Dad is in Laos now… having a great time!


      • tonton
        Jan 11, 2011 @ 23:08:57

        Poor li’l Rach,did’t mean to be contrary.My regular comments are not meant as
        criticism of your blog,(which I really do appreciate),but rather to show my
        enthusiasm and encourage you to tell us more.Of course your “groupies”,
        don’t expect volumes every time you sit down in front of a PC screen,but we are “living” this magical mystery tour thru you both & trying to share (albeit
        virtually) some of your contagious “joie de vivre”.Honni soit qui mal y pense.
        “Please,Sir,can I have more?”Tonton (Oliver Twist)& a few other bloggers…

      • bannisto
        Jan 13, 2011 @ 12:55:15

        more… more…. you want MORE!!! ok… we will try harder!

        Lots of love to our favourite blog follower xx

  2. tonton
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 22:45:12

    Oops!meant to type “Saïgon in 60 seconds”;quite an exploit,even for tatty back-


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