Paradise on Phu Quoc Island

Andy on our own beach doing some ''tree pose''




A late addition to our Vietnam trip, Phu Quoc Island turned out to be a fantastic location choice…. thank god we made it there as it might just be paradise!

Phu Quoc sitsa little way off the coast of Vietnam in the gulf of Thailand .. its almost close to Cambodia than Vietnam and indeed they do claim it as their own… its a source of great rivalry and we can see why…. it is simply gorgeous.

We were lucky enough to choose a quiet spot as much of the island is undergoing serious development. There are plans to put an international airport on there. Mercifully at the moment it is very unspoilt and you can still have a whole beach to yourself. It rather worryingly has been called the Phukket of Vietnam… so god knows what that will lead to!

We stayed at Ong Lang Beach in a resort owned by a lovely German couple…. they could only put us up for one of the nights we wanted to stay so they offered us a special beach bed… which turned out to be magical, if not a little “ópen” (check out the photo below)

Beachside Bed










It was rustic where we were staying but it had its own beach, rickety wooden jetty, snorkelling straight off the beach and a fire pit as well. We loved it!

We took a snorkelling trip on the second day to the An Thoi Islands on the southern tip… fantastic sealife but already the coral was starting to die off from unwanted visitors… so we were ultra careful whilst swimming around. The beaches on the islands have powder white sand and noone lives on them… perfect for a bit of island hopping… although the boat we were on served the worst lunch ever!

On day 3 we took a moped around the island in search of our own private beach and didn’t have to travel for long to find it.

Rach Vien Beach










We passed open stretches of sand and tiny little villages with rickety wooden bridges over river tributaries… good honest beautiful people who returned our camera to us when it bumped unnoticed out of our backpack (ooops someone didn’t shut the bag properly!). At the top of the island sits the village of Ganh Dau where we explored the narrow road running alongside the ocean with a shop for every possible need or want… and even an internet cafe for the local kids to play games… the revolution is everywhere… hey?!

Next stop was Rach Vien where we had incorrectly assumed there might be a restaurant for lunch! What was there though was a group of Vietnamese from HCMC on hols who offered us the chance to join them for BBQ squid and beer! With our phrase book and their bits of English, we managed to share lunch and some laughs… then we lay bloated on a perfect beach with an ocean filled with bright pink starfish!

Ah the international language of sunglasses!









We did have a night on the booze on the island… drinking neat brandy with a couple from Canada and a lovely lady from London…. never again… bad heads and beach beds do not mix! The drunkeness did spur us on for a night swim though where we discovered the gorgeous phospherescent creatures in the sea… magical swimming with the stars above and diamonds in the sea with you!

So we decided the stay an extra day and just relax on the beach… to be honest we could have stayed another week! Definitely the only reason to come back to Vietnam… We feel like we have done the country quite exhaustively with no reason to return… but we could be tempted by Phu Quoc!


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