A well earned massage…….

As we’ve been traveling through the many different countries we’ve taken on-board lots of different cultures, cuisines, languages and weather systems. But in each country we’ve also sampled the native massage. Apart from it obviously being cheaper than in England (approx 3-5 pounds) it also has its own characteristics. These can vary from a table lying down to sitting in a chair to fully clothed to fully naked to relaxing music or to the massure chatting on their mobile….

All of the masssages we’ve had have been well-earned, usually from the days heavy activities such as canyoning, trekking, cycling, climbing, walking or simply lazing on a beautiful sandy beach.

The best massage by far that we’ve had is from a blind Cambodian. It’s a full body Shiatzu and you get to change into some nice pajamas (no oil and no nakedness this time). The feeling is amazing. Due to their disability they can instantly feel where the problems are. The massage centre’s are usually called ‘Seeing Hands’ and it only cost around (3.5 pounds)…..bargain

In total we’ve had about eight massages and they all differ in comfort and satisfaction but I would strongly suggest the ‘Seeing Hands’….

Later today after our laborious bike ride we’re heading back again to see the ‘Seeing Hands’….before the massage starts you usually get asked how strong you would like it, soft medium or hard. This time i’ll try not to wince when I get the back of my calves squeezed HARD…..


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  1. Big sis
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 15:22:00

    Hey guys loving the updates !!!!! would love a seeing hands massage ….. amazing stories and updates … love you xxxxxxx


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