The Laos Loop

We have now arrived in the amazing land of Laos.

Waterfall on Don Khone Island

First stop was the fabled 4000 islands in the south… unfortunately a haven for what we have christened Glampackers and Bucketstackers (or those with hair straighteners and an obsession with booze and western culture, even whilst in a totally different country).

Typical island shop

We spent a few nice days here tubing on the lazy rivers, cycling around and even doing a fishing trip! Its lovely and green and languid, but just too touristy once the tunes started pumping out! (Lao crap music or Finnish trance!)


Ready for tubing!









Andy sunset fishing... we caught f-all!









So we left after 3 days, moving onto Tha Khaek where we heard there was a real experience to be had! The Loop is a 3 to 4 day trip by scooter into the highlands to explore caves and local villages. In the hotel where we stayed there was a log book with around 6 years worth of stories about the trip… we have or course contributed in Rachel and Andy style… a poem about our trip… so here it is! (our bike was called Ziggy Road-Dust by the way)

Ziggy Road-Dust












The Loop

We came to Laos to do the Loop,
so 2 on one bike, off we troop.

Day 1 we saw caves that were cool,
a super cute monkey and Mr You, You, You.

The hills looked like a Dinosaur’s back,
we revved the engine and made some tracks.

We lost some things along the chase,
a right foot flip flop and a camera case.

We made a stop to grab some lunch,
and met some locals who packed a punch.

They fed us beer and animal brains,
our stomachs will never be the same again.

Beware of the road, we had been told;
the sand and the gravel will slow your travel.

Sabaidee Guesthouse our home for the night,
sitting and chatting in the firelight.

Day 2 had dawned, so early we rose,
to tackle the Armageddon Road.

Tarmac came and Tarmac went,
we hoped that Ziggy would not be bent.

For over 3 hours, he pounded the stones,
every bump saw us emitting groans.

The dust turned all the plants to red,
a mouthful of gravel is what we dread.

We stopped for lunch in LakSao town.
The offal kebabs just made us frown.

A German’s bike had broken down.
At least, our Ziggy had made it to town.

XokXay hotel where we decided to sleep,
had cable TV and karaoke beats.

We headed to eat at a place that was near,
but they only had beef and local Lao Beer.

Day 3 and we were feeling saddlesore…
saddlesore but raring for more.

Today was the day to visit the cave.
Time for Rach to be ultra-brave.

We boarded our boat and entered the gloom.
Hoping to see daylight once again soon.

The cavern was huge and creepy and dark.
Soundless when our outboard engine didn’t start.

When finally we emerged out into the sun,
we thought it was great, but glad it was done.

The stretch of road towards route 13…
was winding and lovely; a beautiful scene.

We stopped at a viewpoint for a mini-hike,
Then spotted a couple on a dodgy bike.

The machine had stopped working, they had snapped a chain,
but the thing was so battered and old… it looked in pain!

We stayed at LuangSeng hotel, a lovely spot.
Beer Laos, peace and quiet and takeaway dinner was hot.

Day 4 was time to make our way back,
We deviated down the KongLeng track.

We hoped to find a beautiful lake,
but were seriously worried that Ziggy would break.

After all we had see and all we had done,
we decided it was time to save our bums.

So back to town to sink some beers,
and clean the dust from behind our ears.

Its a time we’ll remember, to make us laugh,
Just make sure you drive the amazing Loop path.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tom
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 13:09:56

    Respect! It would take me years to come up with a poem like yours.
    Btw, we had our best motorbike days ever from the 1C to Luang Prabang via Pak Xeng
    Cheers, tom


  2. tonton
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 15:23:35

    Really liked your Loasy,loopy,dusty poem(koff,koff!)Along with Tom…(above) Got a bit discouraged when mine often seemed the only comments on your blogsite.Just another grumpy ol’ man,I suppose.But I do look forward to yr updates.The “unknown” green insect in your photo album was a “praying mantis”,so-named because of its attitude of kneeling to pray,completely immobile,when hunting its prey.Insects beware,the mantis is a deadly predator
    & a all-devouring lover! Grrh…


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