Extreme Mountain biking Chang Mai style verses cooking

Another day and it’s time to do some more crazy 2 wheel action, this time with no pillion. And no engine….

We arrived in Chang Mai Thailand from Laos after a somewhat enormous 23 hours of traveling on a collection of South East-Asia’s motorised transport systems. These consisted of tuc-tuc van, bus, boat, tuc-tuc bike, bus and finally foot and resulted in sweat and sticky pants….

Our time in Thailand was going to be brief so it was down to business and book some excursions asap….

I chose the mountain biking whereas Rachel chose the Thai cooking class.

Andy – Biking it up large!

All kitted up










The day started well for us with a nice breakfast of tea and fruit musili and then I  got collected from the hotel to the bike hire shop for a briefing and bike/equipment collection. It was probably the first time in nearly 6 months that we’d both been away from each other for more that 10 hours….it was a nice but also a strange feeling……the biking tour ranged from different abilities and included a selection of different routes.  The route I chose was for the extreme!!! As it said in the leaflet.

A small group of 7 collected our gear, including knee and elbow pads as well as helmets and boarded the van which was going to carry us up to the summit of one of the local mountains 1600m meters above sea level up in the Thailand mountain range. The bikes were stacked on the roof. Once at the summit, we tried to make the strange safety pads fit our alien bodies and waited in anticipation to receive our 2 wheeled friends. As the tours in Thailand have a good safety record and high standard of equipment (nothing like India), an assessment of our ability on a mountain bike was carried out. This meant riding down a small slope and riding over a log without falling off…..I passed with flying colours…..however some didn’t and therefore advised on which route to go on.

My group of intrepid bikers

The groups were arranged and off we went. One guide at the front and one at the back making sure the fallen were not left behind. I tried to keep in the front so that the dust didn’t end up in my mouth or my eyes. The satisfaction gained from riding downhill on a good bike and controlling it ‘on the edge’ was awesome. The irony of the day was from one of the guides who happened to be from Wakefield in England. He gave a big speech about not backing off or slowing down for the bumps on this particular part of the track, he set off and I followed behind….during his steep decent he managed to crash into a small tree and I almost ran him over….

The only problem with the tour was that the guide at the front had to stop quite often so the group behind could catch up and also not get lost. This is why the tour took several hours instead of just 1 hour. The final location was down to a beautiful lake 400 meters above sea level where we ate delicious Thai chicken-rice.

When I get back home I’ll definitely make it a priority to get out into the Yorkshire Dales and do some Extreme Mountain Biking Northern style as well.

Rach – Cooking up a Storm

What can I say that cannot be said through the medium of pictures.

Nice outfit for cheffing


... become dishes

I came… I cooked… I ate…. I slept in a hammock… I will be cooking these dishes for a lucky few when we get home!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tonton
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 20:38:14

    This is the first time in 5+months that you have both mentioned home.Are
    you feeling homesick or (more likely)getting short of funds?Those Thai dishes
    look devilishly hot & spicy;enuff to blast the seat out of your pants,methinks.


    • bannisto
      Mar 07, 2011 @ 04:35:35

      We have definitely almost run out of cash! but also ready to start making our way home! Lots more to see yet though… Malaysia and New Zealand! x


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