A poem about Chang Mai – Thailand

Come to Thailand and visit Chang Mai,
Eat lots of green Thai curry that might make you cry.
It’s spicy and tasty, they’ve got the lot,
So be a ‘man’ and ask for it hot hot hot.

Bottles and bottles of big beer Chang,
Dare to drink more than 4 if you can,
Cocktails at the roadside from the mobile bars,
Loads of late night shopping from the busy bizzar’s

Glampackers and bucketstackers in every guest house,
drinking and chatting about the price of an ‘Ounce.’

‘Special’ massage parlour,
On every street corner,
Selling happy endings including face, neck, shoulder, and back,
Finally finishing off with an and empty ‘sack’.

‘Old fat bald men’ and lady boys,
looking to use each other as toys.
There’s loads of sport bars and lots of slot machines,
Of a different variety if you know what I mean (wink, wink)

Sexy young girl, or could be a bloke???
Wearing a black mini dress and having a smoke.
Shopping for wallets, handbags, watches or tourist ‘tat’.
Terrible T-shirt ‘tag’ lines and ridiculous hats.

Street food is great and ‘Oh so’ cheap,
Suspicion arises about where they get their meat.
Tuc-tucs and scooters but only a few,
Some 2 wheel creations that look really cool.

Lots of wicked tours out up in the hills,
Including elephant jungle treks, swing like a ‘Gibbon’ to give you a thrill.

The sun is hot all day until dusk,
The Thai people very friendly and who you can trust.
It’s in their nature to have loads of fun,
With the tigers and elephants in Thailand Kingdom.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tonton
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 20:25:07

    Well done,Andy,your funniest poem yet!


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