Kuala Lumpur Life

4 days in the Capital of Malaysia and we are really enjoying some city living.  Its a real melting pot of culture; based on the Malay, Chinese and Indian population who co-exist in a very hectic metropolis indeed. The only problem is that it seems to be growing faster than it can cope with!

There are different transport networks owned by different companies and buildings shooting up all over the place… however it still seems to manage to feel very friendly and so long as you are fairly fit and can cope with the ridiculous heat… you can walk pretty much anywhere. Why bother though when you can travel 5 stops on the monorail for 50p (British Transport… take note) Day 1 was just an evening so we filled up on Chinatown dinner and then went to check out the Petronas Towers all lit up and sparkly.

Day 2, we headed to the Batu Caves, easily accessible by train. We were told is was one not to miss… not told that we were visiting this Hindu site on one of the Guru’s birthdays! It was crazy busy with worshippers, parades, food stalls and queues of Indians eating curry. We managed to bypass the queues to climb the 260 steps up to the giant caves, past the cheeky monkeys (it all felt very Indian) which houses various mini temples inside. The cave is a towering hollow with trees visible through the roof and it is a good sight cooler than the outside, so definitely worth the climb – plus admission is free (good for the dwindling budget!).

We then found a sign pointing to Ramayana Cave… not mentioned in the Lonely Planet… which someone pointed out probably means it is worth visiting (tee hee). The cave was 1 RM admission (about 20 pence) and it was like a wonderland of ‘tack’.. all colourful plaster models of Hindu religious stories, complete with a giant natural waterfall and a lot of twinkly rope lights!

Heading back into the city, we wandered around looking at the giant KL tower and the shopping area… so many malls… so much shopping… not for us though :)… just dinner and home!

Day 3 was a day of relaxation and planning, but we managed to fit in a trip to the lovely Lake Tittiwangsa. This is a great viewpoint and photography spot for the KL skyline, so we contemplated the view whilst eating ice cream. Suddenly, something surfaced in the lake… something rather large which looked like a giant snake. Amazingly turtles and huge lizards live in the lake, just swimming around, unbothered by the visitors… apart from Andy, who followed them getting lots of footage on the video camera!

The climate here is almost tropical… very hot and humid… so unsurprisingly, it pisses it down every afternoon… a fact that we had forgotten whilst caught on the other side of the city… we got so wet that it didn’t matter anymore… so headed walking in the rain to catch the monorail. The commuters were thrilled to see the puddles that we left on the seats – especially when the carriage was full of people.

Today, we may head for some green space at the KL bird garden and go and buy a pile of books, because this evening we head off to the beaches of the Perhenthian Islands, off the east coast… we have definitely earned some beach life… the last time we properly relaxed was  well over a month ago! Since then we have spent 12 days on a motorbike, covered serious ground by overnight bus, done 2 days trekking, ridden an elephant, gone whitewater rafting and been on a airplane… phew… ready to chill!


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  1. tonton
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 20:54:35

    That was one giant leap,from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur in a couple of days!
    As you wrote,that’s serious travelling!You have earned a welcome rest on the Malaysian beaches after all the strenuous activities of the last couple of mths.
    The islands look bioutifool on Google earth.Relax…for a while


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