Super Duper Perhentians

The Perhentian Islands… how to describe them…. bliss!

After almost 6 months of travelling, we have only really chilled out 4 times … otherwise it has been nonstop; so we had prescribed ourselves a few days on the islands following numerous recommendations from various friends and travellers.

They didn’t dissapoint! Approaching the Perhentian Kecil (or small island) by speedboat from the mainland (after no sleep on a ahem ‘sleeper bus’ which dumped us in the dark at the jetty about 2 hours early), it looked like a haven for knackered travellers. A stretch of gorgeous beach and jungles in the background, plus the clearest ocean we have seen on the trip.

At the start of the season (you can only visit outside the monsoon), it was still pretty busy and we were lucky to get a bed. Our room was cheap by Malaysian standards at 35RM (7 pounds) but next to a generator and also a family of giant monitor lizards…. bloody huge they were! But once we put some fairy lights up it was transformed into our little home for 5 days.

There is not much to do on the island if you are not interested in snorkelling or diving, or doing nothing… lucky all of those things were on our ‘to do’ list. Once we caught some zzzz’s we headed down to our own private beach to laze on the white sand and have a little dip. Only 4 minutes in the water and I got bitten by a damsel fish… the little ba**ard drew blood and everything… and I was worried about sharks!

That evening we had fresh fish bbq’ed on the beach and watched the stars… very relaxing indeed and well earned we thought.

Day 2 was action day… or snorkelling day.. I will let Andy elaborate on that here ?????

You get on a boat with your flippers, your mask and your bent pipe and then you jump in the water at 6 different sights looking for crazy fishy things like 8 foot black tip sharks….. This perticular one swam almost through my legs. Luckily for me I’d just been to the toilet….

think were gonna need a bigger boat






then it’s off looking out for giant turtles. The key to this was to see the black spot on the bottom of the sea. I was the first to identify where they were which earnt me a turtle beer…. Woohoo…. They always strike me as being stoned, when you look at them but I never seen a pot-head move so fast when you try to shake their fin (hand). Lovely creatures…..

somebody want to hold my hand?








Another sight was searching out stingrays. This time we kept our distance as the guide prodded with a stick under the mushroom shaped coral. They were only small, but yet also potential hard arses.

you can call me sting, as in the singer from the Police








Clown fish and parrot fish where common and also very interesting to see along with giant clams and colourful coral. An excellent trip.

clown fish protecting their land








who's a pretty boy then?









So that evening we headed to the other side of the island in search of ‘Monkey Juice’, the local liquor made from palm sugar. We found a little bar shack called Black Tip and met up with some seriously crazy blokes on a month long bender… the night descended into chaos with 3 buckets of the Monkey Juice and resulted in me going t-total and both Andy and I in pain until well into the afternoon of day 3!


To help burn off some of that Perhentian belly blub we went kayaking on the 4th day and then some more snorkelling of our own. The high light was clearly when we noticed we were right next to a giant turtle which was in about 5 foot of water near the shore. It let us swim with him before going out too deep for me to go. I wished I had an underwater camera at that point. However there are some pics that we’ve borrowed for the experience.

So rested and revived, we are now heading to Penang – fabled to have the best food in South East Asia… so all the weight I have lost will be going straight back on again then!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jamie
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 05:53:10

    Are they your actual photos?? Looks great 🙂
    Just heading to Ko Lanta for some much deserved beach time!!


    • bannisto
      Mar 09, 2011 @ 14:51:51

      Unfortunately not as we don’t have an underwater camera. They almost represent what we saw though….it was pretty amazing. Hope your relaxing goes well 🙂


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