Malaysia Fantasia

A long lost world of old,
That is ancient and bold.
Palm tree lined beaches,
In South East Asia’s furthest reaches.
Lot’s of rain and lots of sun,
Many water sports and surfing fun.

Hatchlings of turtles swimming round in circles.
Clear water snorkkling, jungle treks for walking.
Hot stinking humid weather,
Sun soaking soilders on a mission who ain’t too clever.

Monitor lizards walk on the land,
Looking for an all over tan.
Black-tip sharks, no dogs, no barks,
Only cats on the streets, looking like they’ve had enough to eat.

Multicultural people prey in mosques with steeples,
all working together, to make things better.
Lots of nice new cars, drivers driving like they’re from Mars.
In and Out in and out, weaving, shaking it about.

Trade from India and china so we’ve been told,
A British colloney 200 years old.
Not many markets, hawkers or bizzares,
just shopping Malls and drive thru McDonalds for people who live inside their cars.

Overnight buses with reclining chairs,
V.I.P., Super V.I.P., or just cheap fares.
The food is tasty, fresh, delicious and nice,
Expensive alcohol but foods a fair price.
Island Monkey Juice is a specialty,
3 or more you’ll be lucky to still see.

Small people with skinny waists,
buying clothing labels stating ‘Bad taste’.
Pimped up cars from Honda’s to Protons,
Skreetching tyres then they’re gone.

Vegetation all green and lush,
At monsoon time the ground a slush.
Helpful people Malaysian’s are,
Some give you a free ride in their tiny cars.


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