Australia and Surfing mayhem

Leaving Singapore wasn’t so hard… isn’t one of my main interests and the price of a beer was turning a true Yorkshiremans stomach in knots… it was time to fly to Oz…. if only for a short time.

So we hit the tarmac and smoothly left the airport to the perfect blue skies and beautiful sunny weather….oh!… we didn’t

It was like landing at Leeds/Bradford in winter…..the sky grey….rain hitting you in the face from the floor….I was not impressed so far.

We moved into our digs for the night which was a hostel that we’d pre-booked for the first couple of nights. This was a teenagers party paradise. The bar next door had Jelly wrestling on and had beer pouring like it was going out of fasion. Simon and Tom (the guys who we met from Loas) came to welcome us after they finished work. This was a nice gesture. I’d stupidly taunted them by saying a 32 year old could drink them under the table. The nights activity then consisted of drinking schooners of Toohey New by the jug full. Although they were both 22 years old I think I still did a good job of staying upright. Rach was drinking wine.

The first nights sleep went well but the morning hurt a little. Luckily for us the weather had turned around and the sun was shinning like I was told it did in Australia. This made our heads feel that bit better. It was time for a stole down to the iconic view of the harbour bridge and Sydney opera house. The view point from the Botanical gardens made the trip worth while alone….Sydney city was amazing. It was so nice to see people happy, enjoying the sun. There are so many people exercising either running or playing sports or cycling that I started to feel guilty from eating one of the tastiest pies I’ve ever had from the famous ‘Harrys’.

Bondi beach was the next location on our quick whistle stop of Sydney Australia. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but my first impressions of the waves were ‘look at the the size of those beauts’. It turned out that the day that I was to surf one of the worlds iconic beaches, the surf was at it’s highest for many years. Even the pro’s were crashing about like little twigs. I wasn’t going to be put off though after Rachels friend kindly offer me a board and off we went for the ride of my life. All I can say is that I managed a brief surf  but the rest of the time spent was either paddling into the waves or being smashed into the ground like being inside a tumble dryer. It was awesome but labourious.

Another boozey night followed with lovely Dave and Nicole and Samson (the fattest cat I’ve ever seen). It looked like the Australian hospitality was something to really praise. Simon then turned up the following day to drive us around the suburbs of Sydney and show us the sights. It really was a nice of him to spend time with us. We had our first bush trek.

Tom had offered us the oppotunity to stay with him at his parents house for the rest of the trip. Sadly this was now only 2 days. We were welcomed into the home with a traditional Auzzie barby….this being a meat and beer fest. It was great. Their house was huge and had a swimming pool and full on games room. His parents were lovely and had previous visits to Yorkshire so were friendly to the cast offs of the cold North.

We had full use of the house when they went off to work including all the computers and bicycles. ‘Just make sure you lock the door when you go out’. How cool is that to trust a total stranger. We even manage to get a free lift to the airport on the morning we were leaving.

I can safely say that Australia, although only a short trip, will be somewhere I’d like to come back and visit again. The gene pool has also been very kind to the female gender.



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