I’m floating in the air……..from 15,000 feet

‘Don’t do anything stupid like jumping out of a plane’

These were the words of pappa Shaw uttered just before leaving to do our epic 8 month holiday. Well, all I can say is that if you did everything your parents tell you or can’t do then life would be pretty dull…….now its time to have some fun.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do, the weather kept changing from bad to worse and the planes were grounded for days due to the wind. I’d booked it a day before my first scheduled time so had a full night and day to let the feelings sink in. The time ticked by but being turned away after waiting and waiting all day doesn’t help your stomach…..so it was back to the campsite.

We both filled the time by walking and eating. The next day the weather was looking better….time for new undies.

We rocked up, I got changed into my suit and harness and got all ready when the bad news struck again. No more jumps due to the wind being too strong at ground level. Don’t wont us to get blown off course and end up in Lake Taupo……another wait…..but this time not too long…..lets rock. 

Got in the plane with Albert, my German tandam master, who was very thorough at checking my straps……this seemed odd as no other tandam master seemed so bothered. A group of 5 and instructors and camera men then crammed the small prop plane and off we went to 15,000 feet. Pleasantfest Bear even got to come along for the ride.

All I can say about the experience is that it’s  like nothing anyone has done before. It’s totally amazing, just like going through into another dimension where theres no gravity or reality. The freefall was around 60 seconds, just enough to wave to the camera and scream F###### AWESOME.  My lips however got dried out like a camels sock from the wind but apart from that I didn’t feel the cold. The shoot opens and then all you can hear is total silence. The view was incredible. Crystal clear sky looking over the lake, the mountains, the volcano with snow on top. floating back to earth was just as incredible as the freefall for me…..a nice safe landing then it was time to meet back up with Rach and tell her all about how doing it at 15,000 feet was much better than when she did it at only 12,000ft.

If anyone gets the chance, DO IT!


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  1. big sis
    May 03, 2011 @ 20:21:13

    Hey brov

    Wow that sounds amazing , and no poo in your pants!!!!!! hope you got the video so i can watch it!!!!..

    cant beleive you will be home next week…….love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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