Tattybackpacks Travel Stats

We now find ourselves at the end of the journey and are feeling reflective. Now is a time to try and summarise our experiences without subjecting you to more torturous descriptions of how fabulous everything was. So instead… skim your sockets over this lot of stats.

  • 6,800,385 – number of times ‘No’ was said to Tuk Tuk drivers
  • 15,000 – number of feet skydived by Andy 6500 – number of rupees stolen from us by an Indian con artist
  • 5,180 – number of mosquito bites sustained
  • 10,546 – number of photos taken (prepare for the slideshow)
  • 235 – number of days travelled – with 2 to get home
  • 46 – number of books read between us
  • 18 – number of pounds spent on public toilets
  • 15 – number of massages received – the best being in Cambodia
  • 11 – number of countries (including Chile and Brazil for stopovers… is that cheating?)
  • 10 – number of illnesses and injuries (not including hangovers)
  • 9.5 – kilograms of clothing discarded
  • 6 – number of waterfalls canyoned
  • 4 – number of continents crossed and litres of suncream used
  • 3 – number of tonnes of rice eaten
  • 2 – number of bedbugs encountered, times Rachel’s nose was pierced and haircuts during the trip
  • 1 – total run-ins with the law!

So that brings us to the final and most important number of all….. 1150 – the time we land back in Manchester on Sunday!

Thanks for reading the blog… hope it entertained you!

Rach and Andy


Words of Wisdom from Traveller Shaw

As a beginner traveller, my approach is to sit back and take an easy cruise around the world…. this means ignoring Rachel’s, some could say, slightly obsessive approach to research and planning.

All I need is the time that the transport is leaving and the rest will work itself out.

Famous Rachel pre-departure Quotes:

  • Have you sorted out the council tax yet?
  • Have you got your passport photos yet?
  • Have you packed your bag yet? (this from the girl who has packed and unpacked hers everyday for the past 6 weeks)
  • How can you not read anything about the places we are going to? (when secretly I am an expert in every country we are going to!)

It’s too late to be worrying now… this time next week… we will be in Delhi! But the first and most dangerous bit of the trip is Rex driving us to the airport ( 🙂 thanks Rex, you are a star)

And so ends the wisdom of Traveller Shaw

Me at Pleasantfest 2010

Ouch – again!

So only 2 weeks away from the big departure and my main priority was breaking in my new walking shoes. Andy’s are the same make and model but obviously for men… and they fit like a glove! So why oh why…. did mine, do this (see below) to my heels?

So now I am left with dillema…. I have to wait until my feet are recovered before I try the shoes again, by which time we will be in India!  Next stop is Boots (the chemist kind) to get some special blister plasters!

I mean, the boots do look the part (see below), but the smile on my face on our travelling pictures is going to be more of a grimace if they continue to break my feet!

Note to Self….

and to all others processing a visa for inda….

Make sure your signature on the visa form matches the one on your passport…. or at least that all persons applying are present when submitting your forms….

Trip back to Manchester on Monday to submit the forms AGAIN!

In better news though… visa’s pending… we will be in India in exactly 6 weeks!


When you plan your trip, you think about all the fantastic places you will visit, all the people you will meet, the equipment you need to buy and perhaps how much money to exchange… you don’t give much thought to infectious diseases…. or maybe you do ?!?

Between us, Andy and I will have spent somewhere in the region of £400 on jabs… but I suppose it is better than the alternative… its just being spiked every week between now and setting off.. isn’t something to look forward to!

To distract me however, there are fantastic things on the horizon.. not least the construction of the stage for our 4th Annual Pleasantfest … which is also a joint bon voyage and my 30th party.

The Stage

Not Long Now!

Departure Date from the UK is 15th September 2010…. only 10 weeks to go! So where are we off to then?

  • India – 15th Sept  – 15th Dec
  • Bangkok (briefly) 16th-19th Dec
  • Vietnam – Dec
  • Cambodia – Jan
  • Laos – Feb
  • Thailand – Feb/Mar
  • Peninsula Malaysia – Mar
  • Australia (Sydney Only) – 20th Mar
  • New Zealand – 26th March
  • South America – 17th April

Leaving on a Jet Plane